Summer camp includes

1. International skaters, Sm national senior and junior skaters (3-4 ice times plus 1-2 off ice sessions per day)

2.Sm Novice, juniors and seniors (3 icesessions, and 1-2 off ice sessions per day)

3. Silmu A and debytants, Novice (3 ice sessions and 1-2 off ice per day

4. Silmu B, minit and tintit (youngsters) 2-3 icetimes per day and 1-2 off ice per day

Summer camp prices

Group 1 price for the whole camp 10 days either June or July is 1099 euroes or 5 day camp 659e

Group 2-3 pay 1049 for the 10 day camp or 629 for 5 day camp

Group 4-5 pay 10 day camp 799e or 5 day camp 479 euroes

Private lessons are for regular technical of polishing lessons 90 euroes per 60 min. or shorter time 20 min 30 euroes. Program lessons and new programs have special prices depending on the lenght of the program etc.