Figure Skating Camps 

Figure Skating Camps 2021-2022

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June camp 2021

July camp 2021

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Why should you join us?


Your skating skills will improve

Ulla and Tom have  both been international skaters and mastered in school figures. Figures are the base of all the figureskatin but espesially the basic skating, edges and turns. You will learn to understand the foundation of the the turns. When you can master the turns it also helps you to jumps better.!

Elegance & Rythm

Tom is the world know choreographer and he has also studied music. His group enrichment classes will teach you elegance of the movement and rythm while all the steps and turns and bodymovements are done with music.

Better self confidence

Ulla has her Masters in Sport Science and in counselling. She will use her knowledge on biomechanics and psychology to do you jumps and spind better. You also become more confident and improve your autonomy in skating when you understand what and why you are suppose to do while you jump and spin..

Our program

Our groups are based to the level skaters are at their skills and according to the age snd level they compete. We have group enrichment classes ( basic skating, stroking, steps, turns, spirals, fiels moves) classes once a day. Then we have 2 technical sessions and free ice time for skaters to take private lessons or to run their programs. During the technical sessions you work in a group your technique with jumps and spins which are also done to the same basics as school figure technique.You will then understand why its so important to lean a proper three turn in order to do perfect jumps and spins Normally we have daily off ice: One off ice for dancing improving your choreo and movement/ musical skills and an other off ice training to improve your physical abilities like stamina, strength, speed, agility and flexibility as well as your ability to train your jumps off the ice.

International skaters

We welcome the highest level of figure skaters to our camps. There is possibility to train as many hours on the ice as you wish. We can offer you the world decorated choreographer for making you unique and fabulous, programs. All Toms programs are high qualify and the music editing is perfect. Tom has done programs for many world top skater like: Rika Kihira, Yuna kim, Alex Johnson, Sondre Oddvollboe etc many more. Ulla has experienced as a coach in NorthAmerica and in Europe and has learned many great exercises that can help master the hardest technical elements. Her understanding and degree in Biomechanics will understand your technique more accurate

Childrens and junior courses

We have special training for our little ones. You can only attend either to one on one private sessions or to a  daycamps sith less hours than normally. For the tintti and mini skaters we have normally one or teo ice classes and one or two off ice sessions. Including dance and physical exercises. For our junior skaters we have 2 hours off ice and 2-3 ice sessions. We want our junior skaters to improve their skills but also enjoy the good energy and having fun with the other skaters. Many of our skaters belong to their countries best junior skaters. 

 We get you to the top

TässäTogether we have improved skaters skills amasingly. We promise that you will improve in your overall skating a lot if you come and work with us regularly.